How to setup E-Payment Authorisation

Important Information:
The following steps will setup a direct debit agreement to allow you make payments to WHSC directly from your bank account. You will need to have your bank details at hand.

Please be assured that:

  • No payments are taken without your consent and prior notification.
  • Payments will only be taken via GoCardless for invoices you authorise. (However, you may opt to enable all invoices to be automatically authorised if you wish).
  • You can cancel the agreement at any time.

i) Visit the members portal.
You will find a link to this at the top of the WHSC website (under menu item MORE).

ii) The primary member on your membership must login to the members portal using their email and password.
All current members will have a login. if you never got a password or forgot it, then use the ‘Forgotten password’ link.
If you still can’t login email for assistance.

iii) Select ‘authorise GoCardless’ on from the message prompt.
If the message prompt does not appear use the menu item GoCardless setup.

iv) Click the green Authorise GoCardless button.

v) Complete the form details and click ‘Set up Direct Debit’.

vi) Confirm
You will need to confirm the mandate between GoCardless (acting for WHSC) and your Bank.

vi) Manage how payments should take place. 
Choose ‘GoCardless setup’ on the membership portal menu

Then decide if you want automatic payments active or not (automatic payments will be executed once an invoice is generated, non-automatic will require you to confirm the payment on each invoice).