Commodore’s Welcome


Dear Members,

I am honoured to have been chosen to be your Commodore at WHSC for the next two years. I have been overwhelmed by the level of support received from the membership when putting together your committee and team of volunteers to navigate the club through these extraordinary times. I hope we can build on the previous committee’s work and deliver on your expectations, producing a successful, enjoyable, and safe time on and off the water.

Hopefully, we will be exiting Covid restrictions by early summer and we will once again be free to enjoy the water and all the light relief and craic we enjoy so much at WHSC. In the meantime, your committee is preparing for the return of sailing and have already big plans in place for a full season of activity including Racing, Water Time, Sea Legs, Rib Courses, Adult Lessons, Race Management, Team Racing, and much much more, all within Covid guidelines at any given time.

Julian has secured some great events for 2021. The highlight will be hosting the European 1720 Championships from June 3rd to 6th. The first keel boat regatta for WHSC promises to see some of Ireland’s top sailors in action over three days. We will also host a Topper traveller at WHSC, before the World Championships which will take place at RCYC in Cork this summer. This will be a fantastic and unique opportunity for all our young topper sailors to participate and experience such an      elite event.

Our new JO’s, Fiona and Andrea, have already made extensive plans for the programme of Junior courses, (with a sprinkling of adult courses added in!!) keeping the challenges of Covid-19 in mind to ensure everyone stays safe whilst enjoying the water. I encourage you to engage early with Fiona and Andrea and book your courses so we can put the appropriate resources in place and to avoid disappointment. Details are attached.

Ronan, our membership secretary has prepared a detailed list of membership options and rates which are attached. Please note, there will be an “early bird” voucher of up to €50 on your membership card if you renew on or before 31/3/2021. We encourage you to take advantage of the early bird offer which helps the club repay loans, make necessary repairs, pay our instructors and house staff in preparation for the season ahead.

To Renew membership

1) Login to the membership portal (primary member for family memberships)

2) Click ‘Renew’ on the menu.

3) Confirm renewal items.

4) An invoice will be generated which you can choose to pay online with ‘GoCardless’, by direct debit, or (this is the preferred method) via bank transfer (**please include name and membership number from invoice in bank transfer details**) or cheque.

Any amendments, changes or problems contact Mike Kelliher (email:, or Ronan Brazil (email:

A big THANK YOU to all members who have already paid their 2021 subscriptions.

Stay safe and hopefully it won’t be long before we catch up again very soon, on and off the water.

Yours Sincerely

Roy Power