September prizegiving rounds off a great season for the Oppie fleet

On a busy weekend for WHSC, our tough and hardworking fleet of Oppie sailors quietly signed off on a fantastic summer of coaching, summer racing, club championships and a national event which saw sixteen boats participating. That’s the last event on the home front, though some sailors are planning to continue competing in national events and training during October.

Last Saturday saw the September league prizegiving. Huge well done to all who participated and those who brought home the silverware.

Final results of September league:

Overall top 5
1. Nessa
2. Arthur
3. Sara
4. Grace
5. Jack

Silver fleet
1. Matthew
2. Saoirse

Thanks to Oppie coach Nicola Harris, Ian Kelly and Richard Fox for doing OOD for the September league.

And as always, many thanks to all the parents who oiled the trolley wheels and hauled the boats and drove to events and cooked the pasta and made the season happen. As Nicola says, we have a strong foundation to build on for 2022. And best of luck to the Oppie sailors who are moving up to Toppers or other boats.

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