Looking to crew or find crew ? Use our new ‘crewfinder’

If you want to find crew or are available to crew then try our new ‘crewfinder’ available from the the members portal.

Crewfinder can be used to;

  • Post your crewing availability.
  • Post crewing opportunities.
  • Search boats are looking for crew .
  • Search crew available.

Note: If you are searching for crew/opportunities it’s worth updating your phone contact so it’s visible to other members (otherwise contact will be via email only). You can do this in your profile settings.

To post your crewing availability.

Login to the members portal. Then click on ‘My Availability’ on the menu.

Then fill out the crewing availability form and click ‘Update’

To post your boats crewing opportunities

Click ‘my boats’ on the menu

Set the crew finder ‘on’

Check ‘Yes’ and fill out the form, then click ‘update’

To search crew available

Click on ‘Crew available’ menu.

Any matches for your boat will now appear in the ‘Crew available’ section. If you don’t find a match you can also browse listings

To search crewing opportunities

Click on ‘Crew wanted’ menu.

Any matches will be shown, you can also view the full list of opportunities.

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