Moorings in Dunmore East

The season is now in full swing and many boats have arrived at their moorings.

The divers have done most of the work but this means that now the responsibility to look after your

boat is with you. Moorings may be checked but this does not mean you can leave your boat at the mooring under all circumstances.

Easterly winds are particularly bad for boats on the moorings ; decision at times will have to be made to bring the boat into the harbour of Dunmore East

Or that the boat will have to be brought for safety to Waterford Marina.

Some insurance companies will not cover boats in Dunmore East already due to past history in Dunmore East; it is in the interest of all owners to prevent any more

damage to occur.

What can we do:

1 ) Text Dave Marchant (Cruiser Captain ) 087-2537092 or Rene Wubben 087-2199570 that you wish to be added to the cruiser Whatsap Group. Via this group you stay informed of what is going on

In the cruiser group of the club but you will also hear the discussions going on when the weather is going in the wrong direction and you need to take action.

2) Put your phone number on the boat. We have many people going around the moorings and if they see something wrong they will contact you.

3) Make sure your mooring line is secured on the cleat and secured on the bow roller with rope or a pin. Most pickup lines break due to chafing !

4) Make sure your mooring line is of the correct length and diameter, Better too heavy than too light.

5) Moorings have heavy chain at the bottom; this works as a spring. Do not HEAVE all mooring up to your boat deck, (You might regret it at spring tide J)

6) Attached a secondary in case your primary fails , the backup line could give you a few hours ….

7) if you are not happy with your lines contact Dave Marsden 089-4202763 he can splice a pick up line at costs for you and give you mooring advise for your boat.

8) if you do not live in Dunmore East or are going away , make an agreement with somebody to be a key holder ;organize this NOW. Not when the weather blows up.

Lastly we ask you to write your phone number and boat name on the mooring if it is a PRIVATE mooring (not club moorings ). If you are away for the day or

longer nobody will then use your mooring without asking you. They can’t use the excuse “I did not know”.

The moorings are in high demand this year. It shows the club is alive and we try to accommodate as many people as possible; any help you can give us by allowing

to use your mooring whilst you are away would be highly appreciated. All days do help.

Remains to tell you that boats on all moorings are at owners risks. We try to help but the responsibility on club or private mooring remains yours. You decide whether to stay out or bring a boat into the

harbour we at WHSC do not accept this responsibility.

Below are some pictures made last year on 1 day around the moorings; let’s get it right this year and all be safe !

NO bow-roller- Damage to hull due to Chafing possible

Why is the Heavy line not on the Deck and secured ?

Why is the bow roller not used ?

Remove the Anchor – Use the bowroller- Make the Heavy green line your primary mooring line !

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