Volunteers Needed for Topper Ireland SOUTHERNS Championship 2019


Topper Ireland SOUTHERNS Championship 2019


Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June 2019

Request for Volunteers

Waterford Harbour Sailing Club in conjunction with Topper Ireland are pleased to be hosting the 2019 Topper Southerns Championships on the 22nd & 23rd of June.

The Event will be preceded by a Topper Training Day with ISA coaches in Dunmore East of Friday 21st June.

We are expecting up to 70 boats to participate in the Event and once again we are hoping our club members will come out in force and make the Event a success for all to enjoy.

We are looking for volunteers to help out in the following areas:

  • Beach Master and assistants
  • Tally Board
  • Race Office & Results
  • Boat, Trailer & Car Parking
  • Mark Laying boat crews
  • Safety boat drivers and crews
  • Medical Cover
  • Flag boat drivers and crew
  • Committee Boat Skipper and race results crew
  • House, Food & Entertainment
  • Protest Committee

If you would like to be part of the Event team then please contact me, Derry O’Sullivan or Rene Wubben, or any committee member and let us know in which area you would like to be involved.

Derry O’Sullivan

Derryosullivan2013 at gmail.com

(086) 2413543

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