We safeguard all that is important to you !

Waterford Harbour Sailing Club would like to make your experience as safe and as secure as possible.

To limit access to the dressing rooms we change the code WEEKLY as a minimum. Please advise all the children

NOT to give the code to anybody else. If they are coerced into giving the code to anybody. Please advise Committee, instructor or

bar staff as soon as possible and we will first of all change codes immediately again.

To assist us in this you can ensure

1) No valuables are left in the dressing rooms. -You can hand items into the bar if necessary- E.G, Car keys.

2) For boat storage make sure all the small items are not left on the boat ‘ sometimes these small items are borrowed and not returned’

3) If you see anything suspicious please notify anybody from the committee or the bar staff; we are there to help

Wishing you a safe season


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