Boat parking in Boatshed

Over the past week a number of boats have applied their 2017 Stickers for the parking in the

Boat park adjacent to the building but also for storage in the boat shed; thank you.

Still we see boats going sailing with labels attached and no parking stickers applied; this needs to be corrected.

Our boathouse was purchased 10 years ago for and on behalf of all members for creating facilities to have long term sailing in

Dunmore East with WHSC. This building has substantial costs attached for mortgage, maintenance and rates

Only with support of all members using this facility can we keep up to date with these costs and keep costs as low as possible.

If you do not have a boat sticker applied, please contact Andrea Kennedy WHSCmembers or 087-2214157

Boat storage can also be paid with Andrea on Saturday morning during registration for the club championships

Boats without appropriate parking stickers will not be allowed back in the boathouse afterwards.

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