FRIEND and foe 1917 – August 4th and 5th

FRIEND and foe 1917 Commemorating U-Boat activity and rescue in Waterford Harbour


Two days commemorating the rescue of Kurt Tebbenjohanns, captain of the mine laying U-Boat UC44 by three Dunmore men but also remembering all those who lost their lives in WW1 activity in Dunmore East waters in1917.

Concert, exhibition & seminar St. Andrew’s Church , Dunmore East All other events The Harbour, Dunmore East

Event tickets on sale from July 1st in Dunmore shops (Bay Cafe & Centra) and outlets in nearby villages.
Reservations to or text/call 0838353673

Fri 4th

4pm • Commemorative Walk • Dunmore East. A 90 minute walk through the village of Dunmore East
recalling the village as it was in 1917 and recounting the story of the rescue of Kapitan Tebbejohanns
and the subsequent bringing into Dunmore of UC44 and the fate of her crew.
6pm • Opening of the Friend and Foe 1917 Memorial Exhibition • St Andrew’s Church, Dunmore East.
8.30pm • Memorial Concert • A variety programme from the Irish and German traditions. St Andrew’s
Church, Dunmore East.

Sat 6th

9.30am – 12.30pm • Seminar, Friend and Foe 1917: U-Boat activity and rescue in Waterford Harbour.
The seminar consists of several talks giving findings of the most recent research into the sinking of
UC44 and the rescue of its commander. It provides a context for the war at sea especially U-Boat
activity and mine sweeping operations on the Irish south coast, more particularly in Waterford
Harbour. It considers the salvage operation and the bringing of UC44 into Dunmore East. It also
makes public the fate of the German crew, eighteen of whom were in the submarine when brought into
Dunmore. The second half of the seminar will be a panel discussion and engagement with the
audience. Speakers include British naval historian, Mr. Tony Bab BEM, WW1, Maritime and Royal
Navy historian, Roy Stokes, WW1 war at sea historian and author of ‘U-Boat Alley’. Also on the panel
will be relatives of the rescuers and other local historians.
2.15pm • Blessing of the Boats • This annual ecumenical event, planned this year to coincide with
Friend and Foe 1917, will take place near the Lighthouse.
2.30pm • Laying of the Wreath at Sea • This will be done within view of the Harbour and will consist
of the annual laying of the wreath for deceased Dunmore fisherman and the formal laying of a wreath
to honour and remember those who died in Waterford Harbour due to war actions in 1917 including
the crews of UC44, and the trawler/ minesweepers George Milbourn and Loch Eye. The Dunmore East
Life Boat will carry the wreath accompanied by a small flotilla of fishing boats and leisure craft.
3.15pm • Unveiling of Memorial Seat and Plaque • Dunmore Harbour near Lighthouse.
3.45pm • Musical entertainment & BB Q • hosted by the Dunmore East Lifeboat Service. The Harbour,
Dunmore East.

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