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Dunmore East is the setting for most of the scenes in the BBC series Redwater. The shooting caused some disruption last year. The locals put up with road closures and traffic jams hoping that it would all pay off in the end. To make sure it pays off, the local Tourism group launched a major digital initiative to turn viewers into visitors.

DunmoreRedwater is a combined website, twitter stream and Youtube channel feature stories and people in the village. Local business owners showcase the premises where scenes were shot. Extras tell their stories, such as the fact that priest Oisin Stack used the wrong hand to bless himself at the cemetery. A local restaurant owner bemoans the fact that he wasn’t allowed to cook breakfast for the crew. He also tells us he isn’t bitter about the fact that his bar wasn’t used in the soap spinoff.

David Harris, chairman of the Dunmore East Tourism group said “We have a gem here, we love the fact that the series was made here and we look forward to welcoming visitors who want to see where it all happened”

The effort has been further supported by Waterford Council, who are doing their own twittering and promotion to gather more visitors to Dunmore East and Waterford.

The website is Twitter handle is @DunmoreRedwater Youtube channel is Dunmore Redwater.

have a look at article in the Radio Times here

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