Tack to tweet. Heave-to and hashtag.

To complement the club’s great new website and renewed ventures on Facebook we are resurrecting our Twitter account this month for you to receive and share information about activities on and off the water.

Nautical words and expressions may seem overwhelming enough without introducing unfamiliar social media terms now. Don’t be alarmed however. Twitter simply offers us all –not just the webmaster – the opportunity to share relevant information, news, opinion, yarns (read: fake news) and happy moments with each other as they happen.

Start by visiting the club account @whscdunmore. Later, throw off the bowlines, and ask a friend to download the Twitter app to your smartphone. Finally sail away from the safe harbour like you once did and begin to contribute your own thoughts, experiences, photos and videos.

A simple guide to Twitter for the uninitiated.

  • Twitter is a used to broadcast relevant short messages (called tweets) to WHSC twitter followers.
  • Twitter messages are normally public but you can DM (direct message) private messages to other users.
  • A hashtag —a word prefixed with a # symbol—is used in tweets to index keywords or topics on Twitter (example #sailing).
  • WHSC monitors the tweets of those it follows, if something is relevant we re-tweet it (which broadcasts to our followers).
  • Anyone can see the WHSC tweets here https://twitter.com/whscdunmore
  • It’s recommended to download the Twitter app to your smartphone and follow whscdunmore
  • If you are tweeting something relevant to WHSC use @whscdunmore in the message, we can then re-tweet it.
  • Twitter does not replace WhatsApp groups,  it just provides a more public messaging forum so the world can follow club activity.


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