WHSC makes waves in Kinsale

In Kinsale the season has started already with the April League. Flyover and Slack Alice traveled from Dunmore East to this early season event and they certainly shook up a few Cork feathers.

Slack Alice (Shane Statham, Trudi O’Leary) and crew were back in the water after being stored ashore and gathering dust 😢. On the first event out they certainly proved they have not lost the touch 😊. a First and Second puts them well in contention after 1 race of this 4 race series.

Slack Alice and crew in Kinsale.

Flyover pulled of the same result with a somewhat mixed up crew put together from 2 Sigma 33’s. All the practice this winter and boat preparation has put them in 2nd, the same position as Slack Alice, in their class.

Flyover and crew Kinsale
Flyover and crew Kinsale

Keep up the good work lads!

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