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South East Dinghy Coaching Sessions

In a new cooperation with Wexford and Dungarvan, WHSC is offering 6 consecutive Saturdays of coaching in dinghy racing to those who have reached an adequate level of sailing Level 2 +. The coaching will be given by top sailors and is intended to get those ready and confident for larger national events. This is not a sailing course but a coaching series to learn the finer art of racing from some very experienced people.

Date             Location

29/4 09.00    WHSC Home Coaching

6/5   10.00    Wexford Boat & Sailing Club  (3 clubs racing and coaching)

13/5 10.00    WHSC Home Coaching

20/ 5 10.00   Dungarvan Sailing Club   (3 clubs racing + coaching)

27/5  10.00   WHSC Home Coaching

3/6    10.00   WHSC Finals of Coaching Series ( 3 clubs racing and coaching)

Costs for 6 weeks Sailing coaching € 125


COACHING AT HOME ( 3 HOME SESSIONS ) € 25   There are Additional spaces for this above the 8

Boats could be Oppies, Toppers, Lasers , Feva’s Argo’s etc.crosbie cup 2015-3

For bookings contact Andrea Quinlan 085-8046333 to reserve your space !

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Our New Bar Steward

We are glad to announce we have the bar team complete

We think we brought in experience and enthusiasm but that is for you to come and check out…

Our new manager is John Joy, John has been manager in Waterford and in Dingle and will be

coaching our junior staff consisting of:

Matthew Kelly

Emma Walsh

Alex Brown

Ali Murphy

Can’t wait for this Pint !!

Our clubhouse will be open Sunday from 15.00- 18.00 hours

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Rescue 116 remembrance service in Dunmore East.

Poignant, dignified, reflective. moving , words that were heard amongst the crowd of over a 1000 people gathered on the harbour wall. A solemn procession lead by a lone piper on the bow of the Dunmore East lifeboat set the tone for a very touching event. The Lifeboat was followed by Coastguard ribs from Dunmore,Fethard ,the Kilmore Quay lifeboat and custom’s cutter.

The Fleet gathered under the harbour wall and a short service was led by Fr Brian Power from Killea Church in the village and chaplain to the RNLI ,a wreath was laid into the sea and after a minute’s silence 4 white flares were set of to remember Dara Fitzpatrick, Paul Ormsby, Mark Duffy and Ciarán Smith.

The Bypass at slow pace of rescue 117 was probably the most touching part of the ceremony with on the helicopter the crew that had shared many a mission with the crew of rescue 116.
A spontaneous applause showed how much the rescue services means to the seafarers and all of the community of Waterford.

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Tack to tweet. Heave-to and hashtag.

To complement the club’s great new website and renewed ventures on Facebook we are resurrecting our Twitter account this month for you to receive and share information about activities on and off the water.

Nautical words and expressions may seem overwhelming enough without introducing unfamiliar social media terms now. Don’t be alarmed however. Twitter simply offers us all –not just the webmaster – the opportunity to share relevant information, news, opinion, yarns (read: fake news) and happy moments with each other as they happen.

Start by visiting the club account @whscdunmore. Later, throw off the bowlines, and ask a friend to download the Twitter app to your smartphone. Finally sail away from the safe harbour like you once did and begin to contribute your own thoughts, experiences, photos and videos.

A simple guide to Twitter for the uninitiated.

  • Twitter is a used to broadcast relevant short messages (called tweets) to WHSC twitter followers.
  • Twitter messages are normally public but you can DM (direct message) private messages to other users.
  • A hashtag —a word prefixed with a # symbol—is used in tweets to index keywords or topics on Twitter (example #sailing).
  • WHSC monitors the tweets of those it follows, if something is relevant we re-tweet it (which broadcasts to our followers).
  • Anyone can see the WHSC tweets here
  • It’s recommended to download the Twitter app to your smartphone and follow whscdunmore
  • If you are tweeting something relevant to WHSC use @whscdunmore in the message, we can then re-tweet it.
  • Twitter does not replace WhatsApp groups,  it just provides a more public messaging forum so the world can follow club activity.


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Getting the club ready

Young and Old work together to get the club ready.


This week saw a real buzz around the club with many parts getting ready for the New Season.

And it was not only the (not so old) faithful members but also our young new members who were prepared to role up their sleeves for a few hours.

Message for Bill ” If you are looking for agile young crew you have to get on the ball ;these 2 are mine :).

img-20170412-wa0001Thanks all for all your help this week. we made lots of progress !

If you are down for the weekend and you are having an hour or 2 to spare please contact Barbara 087-2026442 / Pat Power 087-2591888 / Rene 087-2199570

All little bits of help are highly appreciated.


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WHSC makes waves in Kinsale

In Kinsale the season has started already with the April League. Flyover and Slack Alice traveled from Dunmore East to this early season event and they certainly shook up a few Cork feathers.

Slack Alice (Shane Statham, Trudi O’Leary) and crew were back in the water after being stored ashore and gathering dust 😢. On the first event out they certainly proved they have not lost the touch 😊. a First and Second puts them well in contention after 1 race of this 4 race series.

Slack Alice and crew in Kinsale.

Flyover pulled of the same result with a somewhat mixed up crew put together from 2 Sigma 33’s. All the practice this winter and boat preparation has put them in 2nd, the same position as Slack Alice, in their class.

Flyover and crew Kinsale
Flyover and crew Kinsale

Keep up the good work lads!

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Hidden Treasure Cache in the Clubhouse

Club finances received a major boost last night with the collection of coins from the underneath the seating in the clubhouse….

Total treasure trove of  €18.45.

A legal battle has started to who owns the coins. Barbara Heade claims that because they were found in her bar they belong to her.

Members who found the coins are claiming ownership because their fingerprints were on it.

Meanwhile the coins have been send of for DNA forensic testing to identify out of who’s pocket they came originally.

To committee is suggesting to avoid a long legal battle to spend it on a round of drinks for who contributed their time working on getting the club ready.

Please Keep donating money by dropping it behind the couched !  all donations welcome and  we tested that the new Euro 50 notes will fit through the gaps too.



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Sneak peak inside the re-vamped club house.

If you have not been in Dunmore East recently we offer you the opportunity to look through the keyhole of our new downstairs.

The Building project is nearly finished; Ronan is making up his mind on the last bits of this project and as soon as this is done we can take ownership back of the building.

The club has never looked better than this and thanks to all involved bringing it this far.

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