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Wanted: Dinghy Captain

This year has proven that all ages can have fun in dinghies…. Our under 10 group is starting to sail and

we have all ages sailing in dinghies of various types.  Our Junior organizer has been very busy this season (understatement) and to coordinate the dinghy sailing we need somebody to represent this section on the committee.

What is the role of the Dinghy Captain ?

  1. Represent the interests of the dinghy sailors at the committee meeting.
  2. Organize the dinghy racing on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  3. Structure the dinghy rental scheme re safety and equipment
  4. Motivate all to go sailing.
  5. Organize the adult sailing classes.

We will have for you a class captain to represent the various classes. A PR team that will assist to promote events etc.

All we need is somebody willing to help organize ; no previous experience required:).


A: Lots of happy faces

B: Recognition for a job well done

C:The usual O Euro per hour generous WHSC salary

Come on board and represent your section and help the club. We need a leader for the dinghies !




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New Laser Group for young and old

If you have always wanted to sail but never quite had the time to try it, well this may be your opportunity to do it!

Nicola Harris, Trish Power and Oonagh Collins are in the process of setting up a Laser Class for adults/young adults for racing but also to encourage an adult group of laser sailors.
If you or anyone you know might be interested in this joining this group please:
Contact one of the following:
    • Oonagh Collins 086 8250457
    • Nicola Harris     087 6371096

If anyone has a laser (even if not in perfect condition) they could loan to the project either on a short/long term basis it would be much appreciated. Also if you know of Lasers that are laid up in Sheds, that might be for sale please contact Oonagh or Nicola. They might people who would like to blow new life in the forgotten Laser

Forgotten Laser
Finally, just to let you know that the club is offering very attractive introductory memberships to new or lapsed members for this year so if you are interested you can discuss this with Oonagh, Nicola or any committee member
Look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,
Oonagh Collins
WHSC Laser Sailing Group
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Boat House Survey VERY IMPORTANT

On Sunday 13th of March a survey was made of all the boats in the Boat house

Most boats have been identified ; Please check the list for your boats.

if your boat is not on the list or you are the owner of an unidentified boat please contact Pat Power outdoor amenities phone 087-2591888. If there are any outstanding storage fees they will have to paid. on May 1st all unidentified boats will be moved into off side storage to make space for new boats. It is therefore important to make contact with Pat before this time.

To check the list follow the link

Boat House Survey website list

With kind regards

The Committee





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