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Robert Marchant causes confusion wherevers she goes:)

On Sunday Fulmar Fever was mentioned by the reporters on the start of the race near Cowes, 

With a boat built in England and a Sail number FR14 she was mentioned as an interesting combination

Of an English boat with French sail number FR-14 the reporter failed to see she was sailed under the Irish flag of WHSC

and called the Skipper Robert Marchant out in his best French accent !

Then yesterday , due to a computer glitch Fulmar Fever was 1st on IRC overall and in his Class ! note the article of W.N.nixon

Must have been a great feeling for Fulmar Fever as they still had to round the Fastnet at this time.

Fulmar Fever rounded the Fastnet at midnight last night and they are doing a fantastic job 44th in the large class of nearly 90 yachts and 221 overall is something to be proud of

I spoke to Robert last night and all are in good spirit and looking forward to hoist the spinnaker back to the finish line in Plymouth

With Dunmore sailors Dave Delahunty, Fergal Bonner they show what Dunmore sailors are made of.

Keep up the good work !

Fulmar fever can be followed on Yellow Brick Tracker.

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Suir Engineering Sponsor WHSC Dinghy Club Championships

This weekends dinghy club championships will be sponsored by Suir Engineering Ltd from Waterford.

Suir Engineering Ltd provide electrical and mechanical services to the pharmaceutical, energy @utilities, food and beverage industry

Projects could be from New Build complex installations or expansions of Existing facilities..

With offset Training workshops and in house quality control systems Suir engineering is able to provide the highest possible services for complex projects.

We thank Suir Engineering for their support !

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The biggest yacht race in the world

Last minute preparations, a halyard checked for the 3rd time.

A checklist read for the 10 time, Where is my crew, have they landed? So much to do.

Did the boat pass all safety checks ?, is there any more materials we do not

need on board ? Where the hell are all these boats coming from?

Why am I not hungry ? . must be the nerves. How accurate is Windguru? Let’s check the Met Office too.

These are the nerves that are running through a skipper waiting for the big gun on Hurst Castle to start the biggest yacht race

ever sailed. officially 430+ boats will start from Cowes Isle of Wight , around the Fastnet Rock , and finish in Plymouth.

Even whilst typing this I get excited, wish I was there…… Good luck to Fulmar Fever ; on paper, one of the slowest boats. In reality

she will do well with here now experienced crew.

I better concentrate now on the biggest yacht race in Dunmore East. Our own club championships; the biggest yacht race in Dunmore !, we will fight hard, hope many boats will be on the

water; even a few white sails would be nice. Aahhhh stop rambiling old man ; One day you will be with the big boys at the Fastnet Race. For now

enjoy beautiful Dunmore and sailing with your friends ( they will be friends as long as they sail behind youL) You are warned !

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Cruiser and RIB trip – Saltee Islands – Sunday 30th July

This Sunday join us for a memorable joint cruiser and RIB expedition to the amazing Saltee Islands. For many centuries, the Great Saltee was home to pirates and smugglers but nowadays is a protected wildlife sanctuary.

View the spectacular colonies of puffins, guillemots and razorbills as we approach from the sea. We hope to get ashore for a picnic on the beach and allow you a chance to take photos of this unique landscape.

This special joint trip depends heavily upon weather conditions and will only go ahead if conditions are suitable. If not, we will opt for a more sheltered outing. Join us on Sunday 30th on our buccaneering adventure. All pirates welcome! Text, call or email us before Saturday afternoon.

Cruisers contact Barry McConnell (087) 225 9962 barry

RIBs contact Joe Friel (087) 418 9033 joe


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Photo Competition

We have a blank wall in the stairs of our club house and would like to fill this wall with 4 great pictures of what WHSC has to offer.

To do so successfully we are having a photo competition open to all. ALL ENTRIES will be displayed in the clubhouse and 4 winners will be chosen from the following categories.

A) Social

B) Dinghy

C) Cruiser

D) Powerboat

All entries to : Waterfordharboursc

Closing September 1st

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Dun Laoghaire Regatta


2 of our boats went to sail in the Volvo Dun laoghaire Regatta. Probably Ireland’s largest sailing event on the calendar at the moment.

Flyover sailed with their all WHSC crew in the Sigma 33 National Championships. A Fleet of over 20 boats and some very experienced sailors in this very popular 1 design class.

A respectable 9th place ensure they remained in the gold fleet. It is great to sail against your fellow Sigma 33 sailors in such a well-organized event. Fun was had by all and the entertainment in the evenings was enjoyed by all

In the 420 fleet the Leinster Championships were up for grabs, Geoff Power and James McCann continued their good run in this fleet and secured the Leinster title. The were even in a position that they could discard the last race and therefore took a break from the hard work.

Congratulations James and Geoff ! keep it up… China is calling.

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Try Sailing A Big Success – Thank you all.

Hi All,

The committee extends it gratitude to all who have made the Try Sailing Tuesday a big success.

Our Facebook and Website campaigners Nuala Treacy and Kevin Brennan who looked after the PR side of things and the priceless support from WLRFM’s Des Whelan, Oliver McCann and Mary O’Neill. Their advertising campaign and broadcast from the water helped us again with giving our club a wider appeal. THANK YOU ALL.

Over 4 Tuesdays we maxed our capacity and took to the water with over 180 guests in total.
It is up to all of us to turn these interested people into new members, crew for our cruisers, to build on our future. You will see new faces in the club house they could be your new friends to sail with.

Thanks, in no small part, to all of those who have assisted in organising, and I must say fantastic helpful instructors; this season’s instructors are a pleasure to work with !!. A special mention to our cruiser skippers who welcomed our introducees on board; John Cassidy, Finbar Cowman, Bill McConnell, Jamies Cleary, Conor O’Nolan, Charlie Boland, Dave Marchant, Robert Marchant, Tom Kennedy and Barry McConnell.

We are now evaluating how to build on this; extend it, make a smaller format or integrate it into racing evenings somehow. ? Any advise welcome and support for ideas.


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Reminder – Try Sailing Tuesday This Evening *FULL*

Reminder ‘Try Sailing Tuesday’ is this evening at 19:00. We’re looking forward to a pleasant evening out on the water.

IMPORTANT: This evenings bookings are FULL, you will need to have a place confirmed via phone or eventbrite to join in the sailing this evening.

For new visitors we extend a warm welcome, we’re looking forward to meeting you. Make way to the WHSC clubhouse for registration. The bar will be open this evening, you are invited to bring spectators to enjoy the view from the comfort of the lounge and terrace.

More information on Try Sailing Tuesdays Here

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