Mooring Matters

Yours truly is writing to you to ensure your boat is safe on the mooring.

Dave Marsden had a look around today and took some pictures.

This was after 2 boats already broke from their mooring !

It is important for you , your boat , for your fellow boat owners and for the club that we can continue to have boats in Dunmore East.

In case too many boats are lost we will face a situation that insurers will not accept boats on moorings in Dunmore in East. That would be a serious situation we need to avoid.

So lets work together to keep all boats safe.

What can you do to keep your boat safe ?


  1. Keep an eye on the weather; Check DAILY With the app Windguru if the wind is going strongly east.
  2. Join the Whatsap group Cruiser. contact Barry McConell 087-2259962 to be added  We tend to liaise very well as a group regarding what is happening with the weather and make a joint decision
  3. If the decision is to bring the boats in the harbour join them ! do think ” I’ll be alright”
  4. If further afield make sure you have somebody living nearer to Dunmore East who will move the boat for you. Especially if you go on a 2 weeks holiday !
  5. Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank to at least go to Waterford up river.
  6. Tie your boat up properly. Attached are some pictures taken at the moorings. these pictures could be of your boat. We hope we do not offend you but they need attention and lessons can be learned by all !
  7. Have a good  (Samson) post on the foredeck for the pick up rope
  8. Have a bow roller  WITH A PIN to lock the pick up rope. I did not lock my rope last year and broke free……
  9. Use the heavy rope to tie the boat on. do not use a piece of string
  10. if having a boat with trailer eye. use this for your BACK UP ROPE
  11. Always check up as a skipper if the boat has been moored properly by your crew. At the end you are who will suffer the possible losses so do not blame anybody else.
  12. Have fairleads for the rope going over the side. It prevents paint damage and chafe
  13. Keep mooring line as short as possible. It stops swimming in too wide an arc and touching other boats.
  14. If not sure ask Dave Marsden!!!

Pictures attached will speak for themselves we do not want to offend anybody, just to help to be safe

Remove anchor. put rope over bow roller and secure with pin or rope
No Fairleads, no Bow roller ? This will damage the boat 🙁


Rope too thin, with a bit of chafe she will be on the rocks
Mooring rope too Long. Should be heavy rope secured on deck, not thin rope !
Mooring line is going over Sharp edge, Use Bow roller or alternatively protect rope with some Hose and Secure
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